The Future Of Nigeria Is In Safe Hands

The Army of the Federal Republic of Nigeria plays a crucial role in ensuring peace and stability across Nigeria, investing in local content and local workforce and contributing to provide citizens, investors and entrepreneurs with a dynamic, safe and enabling business environment.

Taking Nigeria To The Next Level

Bold economic policies and a vigorous reform drive revive and revitalise Nigeria’s economic growth momentum and help transform its immense potential to wealth.

A Fiercely Committed Champion Of The Blue Economy

With a pledge to protect the “beating blue heart of the planet,” President Faure’s administration has demonstrated constant dynamism to achieve the objectives of the Blue Economy for the benefit of the nation.

Seychelles, Leading The Blue Economy

Seychelles’ dedication to environmental conservation is unleashing potential in every sector, transforming the country into a haven of research and investment opportunity while protecting the earth.

The African Capital Of Innovation

Innovation in the country, however, is not solely related to its impressive technology. The country is focused on creating services that will improve the way the economy flows, especially when it comes to SME solutions.

A Hub For Investments In Africa

In 2008, Kenya debuted Vision 2030, a comprehensive plan to revolutionise and transform the country into a middle-class, highly industrialised and digital economy.