AMNI Petroleum: The Company of Choice

A pioneer in local content and a shining example of an indigenous company within the Nigerian oil and gas sector, PenresaTV is proud to present “AMNI Petroleum: The Company of Choice.”

In celebration of the E&P company’s 25th anniversary, PenresaTV went behind the scenes to capture the organization’s past, present, and future through a series of dazzling interviews and captivating cinematography.

Ever-present within emerging economies in the African continent, PenresaTV utilizes a mix of local and international expertise to portray groundbreaking organizations in an extraordinary manner.

Whether it’s unparalleled projects within the energy sector, an organization’s commitment to socio-economic development or a CSR campaign, PenresaTV can turn your company’s vision into a scintillating story through the power of the moving image.

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