Linking a faster and more efficient Nigeria

The government’s focus on transportation makes the economy soar. Transport infrastructure in Nigeria has been given a successful and powerful makeover during the short time President Buhari’s administration has been in office.

The Rebirth and Remaking of a Nation

Only two years after President Buhari’s administration came into office, Nigeria has finally exited from its worst recession in 20 years. As Nigeria ambitiously rebuilds its economy, an atmosphere of positivity and determination is sparking off financial mobilisation around the country.

Building a new Nigeria

A pillar to the administration, the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing is key to constructing the opportunities needed for economic diversification.

2018. The Year of Nigerian Infrastructure

In a bid to drive the economy and create jobs for the Nigerian people, President Muhammadu Buhari revealed his intention to prioritise and commit to the development of infrastructure in his new year broadcast.

A new frontier

President Akufo-Addo’s administration brings an exciting roadmap for the future.

Africa’s Rising Black Star

In 2017, 60 years after Ghana claimed independence, President Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP political party came into power amidst much rejoicing, optimism and hope around the country.

Nigeria’s Gas revolution

Fuel is a major component of every manufacturing or production process however, the choice of fuel depends on price, availability of fuel, delivery channels and supply reliability.

Agents of Change in Nigeria

Taking bold and decisive steps is nothing new with the Buhari administration. The vision behind the 7 Big Wins is not just ambitious talk but a set guideline for continuity in a nation that inherently needs it at the moment.

Building Nigeria’s breadbasket

With changing weather patterns alongside growing population figures, the world is looking to the underdeveloped fields of Nigeria to plug the food gap.