At The Heart Of Economic Opportunity And Growth

Strategically located at the crossroads between the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, Malta is a natural hub and boasts a strong GDP due to its open market economic policies, a multilingual population, a productive labor force, exceptional ICT infrastructure and finance clusters and low corporate tax.

Welcoming Opportunity And Promoting Emergence

Senegal has been described as one of the most welcoming , peaceful, tolerant and friendly countries on the continent, with the World Economic Forum ranking it sixth most welcoming country in the world. Driven by its philosophy of teranga, the Wolof word for hospitality, Senegal has focused on boosting trade and investment opportunities on the […]

Fit-for-Future Healthcare in Africa

Celebrating its two-year anniversary, the Lusaka-based Medland Hospital continues to deliver affordable, accessible and patient-centred healthcare throughout the pandemic.

Pioneering Africa’s Legacy

Ghana’s trajectory to becoming the most rapidly expanding economy in the world is rooted in its resilience, a dynamic and globally competitive manufacturing sector and the implementation of policies promoting self-sufficiency and global market demand.

The Pearl of Africa

Under H.E. President Yoweri Museveni’s guidance, Uganda takes bold steps towards consolidating macroeconomic stability and providing optimal business conditions to smooth the way for an inclusive private sector-led and export-oriented economy.