Connecting nations

Since time immemorial, news outlets have been driven by the old media adage โ€œif it bleeds, it leads.โ€ When it comes to emerging markets, whole nations have been encumbered with a worldwide negative image that doesnโ€™t fully grasp and reflect a rounded vision of their circumstances and immense potential.

Since 2016, Penresa has been engaged in โ€˜responsible promotion and advertisement.โ€™

We want to bring to light the untold stories about the people whose dedication to the creation of prosperity have had deep positive ramifications for themselves as well as their communities.

With this in mind, in 2020, Penresa created its โ€˜Connecting Nations, Creating Prosperityโ€™ concept to find new ways to connect different markets on positive levels and attract investors willing to trust reliable partners.

Through its successful series of country reports, Penresa provides the links between cultures, values, industries and sectors in a bid to journey towards a future that abounds in peace, promise and prosperity.

Penresa is dedicated to the diffusion of a constructive vision driven by optimism, hope and trust. We are on a mission to promote prosperity in order to drive a beneficial communal effect where different cultures are always considered an added value that unites and never divides.