Our solutions


If you need fresh ideas or a new direction, our professional team has years of experience in developing and implementing marketing campaigns and strategies all over the world.

It is this depth of vision and experience that Penresa offers clients, bringing understanding and innovation to businesses and providing them with a global platform and international standards.

We work directly with our clients’ sales, marketing or business development departments to:

– Identify target market segments

– Strategize penetration of those segments

– Implement strategies through press, print or television campaigns

If required our consultants can provide companies with:

– Risk assessment of marketing scenarios, offering a variety of solutions

– Training and workshops for marketing teams

Branding Campaign

The core concept behind a branding campaign is to present and effectively communicate and reinforce a positive message. The key is to reach enough people for enough time to generate trust and preference.

A brand is more than a logo, it encompasses the entire experience an individual has with a brand, company or institution.

A great campaign can take many forms, but Penresa’s solutions are founded on the client’s ambitions to effectively target and achieve the client’s aims.

Our solutions consider various avenues of branding and develop a solution that is tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. We consider market positioning, brand associations and deliver with innovative graphic design.

Video Production

Impress customers through interactive video productions and provide deeper insight to your products and services. This solution can also be used to train employees or inform customers through a corporate video.

Motion graphics are proven to increase market engagement with products, brands and facilitate deeper connections with the target audience.

Toolbox *:

– Production of a video/documentary

– Split of the full clip for airing as television commercials (TVC) through selected channels

– Airtime on global and regional channels

(*) These elements will be tailored to our client’s specific campaign needs.

Print Campaign

The effect of advertising alone can be limited, but specific placements in a country or sector special report have been proven to increase visibility and returns. A placement in targeted national and international press is an effective tool in promoting or introducing companies, concepts and characters.

Specifically targeting readership, our reports are informative and designed to appeal to your intended audience’s profile and develop a deeper engagement. Our network of business leaders and think-tanks increases daily, granting us access to first hand information from innovators in Africa and around the world.

These reports will focus on a country, a region, or sector, depending on the client’s project scope.

Billboard Campaign

Billboard advertisements are one of the most useful tools for rebranding. With maximum coverage, our designs and placements can maximize the spread of your message. Our team of graphic designers have the experience and creativity to meet our clients’ needs, whatever they are.

Our network can roll out campaigns across districts, cities, countries, and entire regions.

Toolbox *:

– Identifying key placement locations for maximum exposure

– Increased visibility through design

– Heightened impact through multimedia, lighting and/or other digital applications

(*) These elements will be tailored to our client’s specific campaign needs.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is an effective, low-cost tool for targeting a specific type of audience. Surveys illustrate that 25% of listeners’ engagement is heightened when a product or business is advertised on their preferred station.

Radio adverts can create emotional connections, and provide more scope for humor. Listeners welcome adverts that are relevant to them personally, which can facilitate increased market penetration and awareness.

Toolbox *:

– Airtime on popular and/or niche radio stations and/or shows

– Radio adverts and/or jingles

Mobile marketing

Mobile phone penetration is rising globally. In Africa it is expected to reach 79% by 2020, in some countries like Nigeria, for example, mobile phone penetration is already over 107%.

Mobile marketing is a horizontal communication channel, which allows marketers to connect to customers or targeted clients and reinforce brand equity in a personalized manner. It is the most effective channel for reaching and servicing brand loyalists.

Successful mobile marketing relies on not being seen to intrude on the mobile user’s experience. This solution focuses on understanding the mobile user’s behavior and usage to determine the delivery method.

Toolbox *:

– Short message service (SMS)

– Multi-media message service (MMS)

– Cross-platform applications

– Location based mobile marketing

– Quick response barcodes (QR codes)

– Click to call, or pay per call

– Mobile banner ads

– Broadcast voice messages

(*) These elements will be tailored to our client’s specific campaign needs.

Social Media

Social networking websites allow individuals and businesses to build relationships and communities online. These websites provide a platform for virtual communities, allowing consumers to express their needs, wants, and values online.

Personalizing interactions can both encourage loyalty and attract new customers. By tactful cultivation of these communities, products and concepts can reach a specific target audience.

Toolbox *:

– Advice on developing online media campaigns, typically including the use of video, blogs, micro-blogs, forums and other features.

– Assistance in management of the client’s online presence via blogs and popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter, and Tumblr.

(*) These elements will be tailored to our client’s specific campaign needs.

Social Media

Penresa has a proven history of helping to create the event experience our clients are looking for.

We create strategic integrated experiences, bringing brands directly to their target audience. We specialize in the design and delivery of high quality live events for leading companies.

Toolbox *:

– Planning and execution of our client’s event

– Responsibility for creative, technical and logistical elements, including overall event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategy, audio-visual production, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and client service.

(*) These elements will be tailored to our client’s specific campaign needs.

Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador can be a famous figure or animation with appropriate characteristics and catchphrases that supports or promotes a brand. An effective brand ambassador increases the strength of a brand through a consistent set of traits.

Penresa is in contact with agents around the world to help launch your brand or product through the appropriate voice.

Toolbox *:

– Market research on products or brands, and review of sector

– Developing value-adding solutions for the target consumer segment

– Delivery of the desired brand personality strategy

(*) These elements will be tailored to our client’s specific campaign needs.