The Path To Sustainability

Africa’s largest economy is on a mission to facilitate diversification and promote inclusive, equitable and eco-friendly growth by channelling digitalisation into all its sectors.

Sixty Years In The Making Of Africa’s Economic Powerhouse

On October 1st 2020, Nigeria celebrates its 60th anniversary since independence and, as it looks back at its triumphant journey to becoming Africa’s largest economy, it also looks positively ahead to the promise of increased prosperity and growth.

Pioneers Of An Energy Revolution

2020 has been dubbed the “Year of Gas” and Nigeria’s Gas Master Plan is set to deepen the economic significance of the oil sector.

Nigeria, The Next Level For Africa

History shows that oil has led the market for decades, but a new focus on gas and energy is set to revolutionise the sector and prove that Nigeria’s resource is not to be underestimated.

Taking Nigeria To The Next Level

Bold economic policies and a vigorous reform drive revive and revitalise Nigeria’s economic growth momentum and help transform its immense potential to wealth.

Nigeria. A New Beginning

The Giant of Africa in all its splendor. Take a look at our first trailer capturing the wondrous beauty, bustling vibe and captivating persona that make up the magical nation of Nigeria.

AMNI Petroleum: The Company of Choice

A pioneer in local content and a shining example of an indigenous company within the Nigerian oil and gas sector, PenresaTV is proud to present “AMNI Petroleum: The Company of Choice.”

Building prosperity

President Buhari discusses his fight against corruption while jumpstarting the economy.