Pioneering Africa’s Legacy

Ghana’s trajectory to becoming the most rapidly expanding economy in the world is rooted in its resilience, a dynamic and globally competitive manufacturing sector and the implementation of policies promoting self-sufficiency and global market demand.

The Pearl of Africa

Under H.E. President Yoweri Museveni’s guidance, Uganda takes bold steps towards consolidating macroeconomic stability and providing optimal business conditions to smooth the way for an inclusive private sector-led and export-oriented economy.

A Fiercely Committed Champion Of The Blue Economy

With a pledge to protect the “beating blue heart of the planet,” President Faure’s administration has demonstrated constant dynamism to achieve the objectives of the Blue Economy for the benefit of the nation.

Seychelles, Leading The Blue Economy

Seychelles’ dedication to environmental conservation is unleashing potential in every sector, transforming the country into a haven of research and investment opportunity while protecting the earth.

Visionary Leadership For A Prosperous And Progressive Tanzania

Under Vision 2025, Tanzania is indeed geared to attain middle-income status through its industrialisation agenda. Penresa had the chance to speak to His Excellency John Pombe Joseph Magufuli to discuss the nation’s ongoing ambitious megaprojects in infrastructure development and power that will ensure socio-economic prosperity.

The Nation’s Visionary

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo guides Equatorial Guinea peacefully towards the consolidation of a successful bright future; establishing self-sufficiency while aiming to set the nation up as a reference point for the whole of Africa.