Changing Perspective To Create Unity And Opportunity

Located on the east coast of Africa and south of the equator, Tanzania is home to some of the world’s first human settlements, with fossils dating back as far as 3.6 million years. Today, the country has set further precedence and given Africa its first Muslim female president, further cementing Tanzania’s positive legacy on the […]

Magufuli eyes Exponential Growth Past 2020

Authored by: Dante Di Iulio As the Tanzanian election edges closer, President Magufuli’s robust campaign seeks a second term to continue his impressive achievements throughout his first term.

A Blueprint For The Future

With a young and growing population, Tanzania’s new business blueprint is in line with the country’s efforts to market itself as an investment hub in the busiest investment region within the African continent.

Adding Value To Tanzanian Industries

The industrial and manufacturing sectors are getting increasingly attractive by the year, which delivers value to investors and creates a better quality of life for Tanzanians.

Visionary Leadership For A Prosperous And Progressive Tanzania

Under Vision 2025, Tanzania is indeed geared to attain middle-income status through its industrialisation agenda. Penresa had the chance to speak to His Excellency John Pombe Joseph Magufuli to discuss the nation’s ongoing ambitious megaprojects in infrastructure development and power that will ensure socio-economic prosperity.

Tanzania, Building Prosperity

Since 2015, the Magufuli administration has set an ambitious industrialisation agenda in pursuit of the goals articulated in its Vision 2025.