Fit-for-Future Healthcare in Africa

Celebrating its two-year anniversary, the Lusaka-based Medland Hospital continues to deliver affordable, accessible and patient-centred healthcare throughout the pandemic.

Building Excellence Through ICT

Under the ‘Smart Zambia’ initiative, the Lungu administration is ensuring that the country emerges as an ICT-enabled economy through the use of innovative technology for e-Government, mobile payments, and IT talent.

Becoming The Regional Power Hub

Formerly dependent on hydropower, Zambia is on a path towards energy diversification to light up the land. With its strategic location and an investment-focused government, Zambia is transforming its power infrastructure to become the interregional electricity hub by 2025.

‘One Zambia. One Nation’. 55 Years Later

On Zambia’s coat of arms is etched the country’s official motto: ‘One Zambia, One Nation.’ In a country where 70 ethno-linguistic groups live side by side, Zambia’s motto was adopted, in 1964, to instill the importance of national unity.

Towards A Smart And Prosperous Zambia

Under the stewardship of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his Seventh National Development Plan, Zambia continues on its path of economic stability while harnessing its vast natural resources and human capital to foster a new wave of socio-economic prosperity through industrialisation and diversification.