About us

PENRESA was founded with a deep- seated passion to nurture a positive image of emerging economies.

Through in-depth country reports, campaigns, corporate videos and documentaries, we showcase the success stories of these budding nations and organizations.


Our mission

Has remained the same: to build bridges and foster relationships between and within continents, countries, public associations and companies. Through partnerships with major media outlets, we ensure their message reaches their intended audience —and beyond.

We are a multi-cultural team who know the world of communications inside out.

Communication professionals

PR practitioners



Our international business expertise ensures you are working with a team that is attuned to the diverse intricacies of an emerging market and proficient in investment and business opportunities.

If you’re interested in a career in international intrigue and adventure, take a look at our career opportunities.


Our Services

With ever-changing consumer behaviour, connecting with the right prospects at the right time is crucial for driving successful media campaigns.

Some solutions that Penresa can provide to your brand are:

Whether your goal is to hit print, digital, social or an integrated mix of all three, Penresa creates media campaigns that engage prospective audiences by creating awareness and generating interest.

Partnering with premium brands such as: Forbes and CNBC Africa, 

we can put your brand in front of the right eyeballs at the right time for your benefit.

Branding campaigns (print, digital)

Video Production (corporate videos, documentaries)

Social Media Marketing

Event Organization and Management

Webinar and online conferences

Our success has come from working closely with both the public and private sector

Across the globe to accurately showcase their success stories and demonstrate why they are partners of choice for investment and collaboration.

Take a look at all of our current and past country reports here and our corporate videos and documentaries here.

Responsible Promotion and Advertisement

Since 2016, Penresa has been engaged in ‘responsible promotion and advertisement.’

We want to bring to light the untold stories about the people whose dedication to the creation of prosperity have had deep positive ramifications for themselves as well as their communities. 

With this in mind, Penresa created its Connecting Nations, Creating Prosperity concept in 2020 to find new ways to connect different markets on positive levels and attract investors willing to trust reliable partners.

Through its successful series of country reports, Penresa provides the links between cultures, values, industries and sectors in a bid to journey towards a future that thrives in peace, promise and prosperity

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